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Let’s face it, injection molding plastics can be difficult. It is a delicate balance of material selection, processing, and proper part/mold design. All these variables interact to give you a quality part within specification or work against you to cost you time and money to troubleshoot and fix. How do you confirm that you are running the best process to maximize profit?

In this webinar Autodesk will explore how companies today use simulation workflows to identify potential issues, detect the significance of interaction effects between variables, and define custom quality criteria to produce a part with the least amount of risk. The information from simulation results can even be transferred to set up injection molding machine processes for quicker start up.

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Key takeaways from this session:
  • Learn how simulation can be used to reduce manufacturing risk
  • Using Design of Experiments to make more informed decisions
  • Quicker machine startup with simulation input

Event Information

Event Date 07.07.2021 3:00 pm
Event End Date 07.07.2021 4:00 pm
Contact Person Punitha
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